Sassy Fringe Heels

I’ve spoken about Suede before when I styled my fabulous Suede Pencil Skirt and Suede Boots.  This soft and delicate fabric is worth investing in.  I call it a Fashionable Luxe. I decided to incorporate suede shoes into my wardrobe because I believe that this luxe fabric has the ability to make any outfit instantly more fashionable and… Continue reading Sassy Fringe Heels

Anticipating Niche-Elle New York Collection

Niche-Elle New York is a ready-to-wear and custom made-to-order women’s wear and accessories brand.  The Spring/Fall 2016 collection is almost here! I am extremely excited and so should you! Designer Latesha Richards is personally committed to creating stylish, expertly cut fashion to fit a woman’s body. When Richards suggested that I wear one her exclusive pieces from her 2016… Continue reading Anticipating Niche-Elle New York Collection

Learn, Style. Love your Kinky Curly Hair

I transitioned to natural hair 10 years ago. It hasn’t been an easy process. I wore wigs, braids, blow dried many times, colored, highlighted, big chopped it over 5 times and the list goes on. Over the last 3 years I decided to take better control of my hair and I’ve been committed to treat… Continue reading Learn, Style. Love your Kinky Curly Hair

Suede: A Fashionable Luxe

Suede fabric was definitely a favorite ’70s trend. Today it has been showcased in many high fashion 2015 Spring/Summer collections. This soft and delicate fabric is worth investing in. Yes, I am wearing it this Fall but plan to style it year-round for sure. It is a season-less fashion essential, much like how leather has been… Continue reading Suede: A Fashionable Luxe

V-Lure Designs – This Season’s Must-Have Accessory

I am always on the haunt for emerging talented Designers. As a Handmade Designer myself and Fashion Lover, V-Lure Designs is definitely my new go to brand for authentic, stylish and edgy purses.   Stephanie Voltaire is the Owner and Designer of V-Lure Designs. This brand was born in the Spring of 2014. Shanny Clutch… Continue reading V-Lure Designs – This Season’s Must-Have Accessory