Spain’s Great Match: A Lifestyle Showcase (see photos and video)

For those of you who follow me, you know about this amazing event I attended This event took place in New York at the Frank Gehry-designed IAC HQ Building. The best of Spain was showcased and the house was full! Everyone was transported and experienced the Wine, Culture, Style and Diversity of Spain in New York.… Continue reading Spain’s Great Match: A Lifestyle Showcase (see photos and video)

Fashion Industry Mixer

This past week I attended StylingOn’s exclusive fashion event! New York’s finest stylists, designers, fashion bloggers, editors, journalists, and models were all there ready to network. Everyone was friendly, open to listen and hear about each other’s fantastic work. Being around like minded individuals is just so awesome. We all spoke the same language and… Continue reading Fashion Industry Mixer

Purple Yam – Brooklyn , NY

Purple Yam is a small Asian restaurant with a traditional Filipino flare located in Brooklyn, NY. I went there for brunch to meet Creative Director, Designer and Founder of KADOKÉLÉ. The space is cozy and family friendly. The kitchen is exposed and definitely makes you feel like you are in South East Asia, especially with… Continue reading Purple Yam – Brooklyn , NY