Butterfly Naturals Online Store

I use the Butterfly Naturals System of Care products to maintain my Crotchet Braids. After 4 weeks, my hair still looks amazing. Step 1 – Every 2 weeks, I wash my hair, scalp and extension hair with: Clean Me, Not Strip Me! Moisturizing ACV Rinse Step 2 – Then I spray my own hair at the… Continue reading Butterfly Naturals Online Store

Gideon’s Needle

When you wear Gideon’s Needle, you feel like a Queen.  Gideon’s Needle is a Bespoke Clothing lifestyle brand.  The stunning fabric that Gideon’s Needle uses is a type of silk and cotton fabric made of interwoven cloth strips called Kente cloth. Originated with the Ashanti people of Ghana, and dates back 375 years ago, this weaving technique was conceived in… Continue reading Gideon’s Needle

Learn, Style. Love your Kinky Curly Hair

I transitioned to natural hair 10 years ago. It hasn’t been an easy process. I wore wigs, braids, blow dried many times, colored, highlighted, big chopped it over 5 times and the list goes on. Over the last 3 years I decided to take better control of my hair and I’ve been committed to treat… Continue reading Learn, Style. Love your Kinky Curly Hair