Addicted to Washi Tape

My family had to stop me from washi taping the whole house! Just Like Mod Podge, washi tape can create miracles. Now you already know from my Kaderique Handmade Jewelry line, I love colors and patterns. So what is it exactly? Well, it is a simple pretty adhesive roll of paper tape.  “It is typically made from… Continue reading Addicted to Washi Tape

5 Housewarming Gifts New Homeowners will appreciate

The expensive bottle of wine with the most expensive bottle opener is definitely a great gift. However, to me, why not give a new homeowner something that will be definitely useful to them longterm. Here are my 5 Housewarming Gifts that any new homeowner in my opinion will greatly appreciate. 1. Take Out Menu Organizer… Continue reading 5 Housewarming Gifts New Homeowners will appreciate