Hi guys! My name is Martine. I am a fun, crazy, artistic woman. Part of my life I grew up in Africa, the other part was in my soul beautiful country Haiti.  Now I am based here in NJ with my 2 little munchkins and a handsome bassplayer/music producer.

Why Fanatiqueof? Well I wanted to create a platform where I can share my passion for things like fashion, food, wine, decor, family, savings, DIY’s, hair…just everything.

I work a regular 9 to 5 J-O-B and after that is where the fun starts for me.  Connecting with you guys and working on my handmade jewelry Kaderique

 Before this blog, I was just doing that everyday and one day a light bulb turned on. Why not just sit in front of a computer and just share it all with the world? This is what Fanatiqueof is about. My expectations of you visiting today and going forward is to have me Martine, as your go to for inspiration, shop my online store and be proud of wearing my brand.

If you are a new follower, I personally welcome you and I promise I will not let you down. If you are the curious type not sure what this crazy Blog is about? I understand. I suggest you take the time to read some of the posts and perhaps come back again before you commit to following. I will not get offended.  This is a place to have fun and share ideas. I welcome you to comment, send me emails, follow me on Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter.  Tell the world!



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