La Mano Pottery: Throwing Step!

I don’t know about you guys but I used to love playing with PlayDoh and I have to confess I still do with my toddler that is 😂😂😂.

I always wanted to try pottery. I mean who doesn’t after seeing Ghost 😋 But I’ll be really honest, it wasn’t easy at first, but good thing I paid very close attention to the teacher during the workshop!

Completing a piece from beginning to end on the wheel is a two step process: Throwing and Trimming.  This workshop at La Mano Pottery was an introduction to the throwing process.

I was a little afraid to use the wheel but got a hold of it after a few minutes of training before actually working the clay.  The throwing process is critical.  The clay has to be centered, otherwise when you start pulling up the piece to create your shape, it will be off balance.  I got to that point during my first 2 tries and I honestly felt like I was fighting the clay the whole entire time. When centering clay it is important to use your whole body.  Get yourself seated in a comfortable position, so that your forearm can press against your thighs.


I ended up learning how to use my whole body to help center my clay.

I had lots of fun! The studio has a great atmosphere and the staff is super friendly.

This is a great idea for a fun date night, hangout with your girlfriends or just a reason to get all messy and not care about it!

There are many classes available.

La Mano Pottery is located in New York City
110 West 26th Street
(btwn 6th & 7th Aves)
212 627-9450

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****All Photos and Video by Ashley Davison

Selfie with 📷 Ashley 💕
Selfie with 📷 Ashley 💕

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