Frontline Art Exhibition: Using the Arts as a Voice

The Front Line Exhibition was a visual art, music, film and activism effort, with the aim of using the Arts and dialogue to highlight police brutality and racism in America.
The Women In Media was one of many panels at the event.  
Latasha @JustLatasha (JustLatasha Productions/Sit Black and Relax web series); Nicci Page @NicciPage2 (B-Girl Movement); Chaedria LBouvier @LaLaBouvier (Elle Mag, Bevel); Shkirah DeMesier @PleaseDontCallMeShak (Platanos and Collard Greens/Sit Black and Relax web series) spoke the truth about the challenges of being a woman or a man of color in America. 
Steff Reed Leader | Giver | Teacher | Artist
DJ Sienna Chanel DJ/Radio&TV Personality/Free Thinker/Lover of God, Life, Music and LOVE!
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