Butterfly Naturals Crochet Braids: My 4 weeks Update.

It’s been 4 weeks since Butterfly Naturals installed my crochet braids and I am getting maximum wear out of them thanks to the regimen care Vasia Archer, Founder/Owner of Butterfly Naturals taught me.

Vasia Archer Founder/Owner of Butterfly Naturals installing my crochet braids. I call her the Natural Hair GuruVasia Archer Founder/Owner of Butterfly Naturals installing my crochet braids. I call her the Natural Hair Guru*Photo credits: @ampersand_88

I have been using the Butterfly Naturals organic, handmade natural hair products daily to protect my scalp and promote healthy growth for my own hair.


BUY this is easy 4 Step Regimen by Butterfly Naturals

These products work wonders when it comes to styling the hair. From the Big hair don’t care look to the sophisticated updos, Butterfly Naturals applied these products to my hair so well that I forget the crochet hair is not my own hair.

Hair: Butterfly Naturals | Makeup: @rossthemakeupboss | Photo: @ampersand_88

I was not sure how long I could leave the crochet hair on and if it was still going to be manageable. But after I went for my follow up maintenance appointment, Vasia washed my hair, took care of my scalp and gave me an amazing cut.

I am in love with this style.

It’s short, sassy, cute!

The possibilities are endless. I style my hair with a headband….

….or style the front up with a cute bang!

I think I will be getting a lot more weeks out of this one!

If you have natural hair and need to learn how to better care for your hair or you are transitioning to natural hair, Butterfly Naturals is your answer.  This brand has totally changed my life.  I am more confident about my hair,  my hairstyles and my hair needs.

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To Book your consultation, call 347-403-1862

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