Deux Mains – Authentic Sandals from Haitian Artisans

As a Blogger, I get the opportunity to tell you about so many wonderful brands, products, projects etc.

I love what I do.


I love it even more when I can share with you a company so great changing lives in my home country Haiti.

Deux Mains pronounced deu-meh meaning “Two Hands” in French gave me the opportunity to share with you their fantastic work and I’m super proud to bring them to you.

Somewhere very special in Haiti, there is a small workshop, full of love, talent and support.

Haitian Artisans create these unique sandals with up cycled tire soles by hand.

I love my pair of Yvette sandals. Got them in red. One of my favorite colors!

They are super comfortable.

There is a wide variety of styles and colors available on the website

and for a limited time, you can also be a proud owner of this brand

and help support this hardworking Haitian community.

I invite you to visit the website

Use Coupon Code FANA10

to receive 10% Off your purchase.

What is there not to love?

The sandals are stylish, unique, special, handmade and

So, let’s hold hands together and tell the world about this.

I have my pair and I really like it.

Now go on and get yours or buy them as gifts!


Use Coupon Code FANA10

to receive your 10% Off your purchase.

Special excludes Kenneth Cole items.


Thank you for visiting! Always a pleasure seeing readers on my site! 😍

Martine 😘😘😘

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