Frontline Art Exhibition: Using the Arts as a Voice

The Front Line Exhibition was a visual art, music, film and activism effort, with the aim of using the Arts and dialogue to highlight police brutality and racism in America. The Women In Media was one of many panels at the event.   Latasha @JustLatasha (JustLatasha Productions/Sit Black and Relax web series); Nicci Page @NicciPage2 (B-Girl Movement); Chaedria LBouvier… Continue reading Frontline Art Exhibition: Using the Arts as a Voice

Sassy Fringe Heels

I’ve spoken about Suede before when I styled my fabulous Suede Pencil Skirt and Suede Boots.  This soft and delicate fabric is worth investing in.  I call it a Fashionable Luxe. I decided to incorporate suede shoes into my wardrobe because I believe that this luxe fabric has the ability to make any outfit instantly more fashionable and… Continue reading Sassy Fringe Heels

Butterfly Naturals Online Store

I use the Butterfly Naturals System of Care products to maintain my Crotchet Braids. After 4 weeks, my hair still looks amazing. Step 1 – Every 2 weeks, I wash my hair, scalp and extension hair with: Clean Me, Not Strip Me! Moisturizing ACV Rinse Step 2 – Then I spray my own hair at the… Continue reading Butterfly Naturals Online Store

Butterfly Naturals Crochet Braids: My 4 weeks Update.

It’s been 4 weeks since Butterfly Naturals installed my crochet braids and I am getting maximum wear out of them thanks to the regimen care Vasia Archer, Founder/Owner of Butterfly Naturals taught me. Vasia Archer Founder/Owner of Butterfly Naturals installing my crochet braids. I call her the Natural Hair Guru*Photo credits: @ampersand_88 I have been using the Butterfly Naturals… Continue reading Butterfly Naturals Crochet Braids: My 4 weeks Update.

Anticipating Niche-Elle New York Collection

Niche-Elle New York is a ready-to-wear and custom made-to-order women’s wear and accessories brand.  The Spring/Fall 2016 collection is almost here! I am extremely excited and so should you! Designer Latesha Richards is personally committed to creating stylish, expertly cut fashion to fit a woman’s body. When Richards suggested that I wear one her exclusive pieces from her 2016… Continue reading Anticipating Niche-Elle New York Collection